Thursday, 29 September 2011

Oh so soft

Organic lines on a well loved old duvet cover inherited from mother in law; soft lines on soft fabric;
creating a few backgrounds while enjoying the feel of this gem from the 70ies. What’s not to love...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Zip it

If you ever wondered how a rainbow bouquet of zippers looks like, here’s one for you.
100 zippers in every glorious colour from Zipit on Etsy.
You can pick and choose whatever colour you’d like, and so I did. 3 of each colour, and filling up with bright pinks. Grandson was fascinated by all this engineering beauty and tried quite a few of them, just to see how they worked.

What I’ll do with all these zippers? I who don’t do zippers? Well, I really, really want to make lovely little pouches like so many of you do, and now that Christmas is less than 100 days away (according to my friend Tone), I’d better get started. I’m more likely to make zippered pouches when I actually have zippers. Am I not?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Batting question

I have a question for you. I bought this Thermore batting at a guild meeting, and it seems great. Thin and soft and drapable; all good. The only problem is that it’s a bit sticky – which normally is good for quilting - but in this case I cannot seem to get rid of the folding creases. I have put batting in the dryer before, but somehow I am reluctant to do so with this one. I am a bit worried it will shred or get distorted as it’s really thin.

Have you tried this batting, and if so; how did you get rid of the lines?

Monday, 26 September 2011


I am knitting my first project ever using alpaca yarn. Sandnes Garn’s Mini Alpaca is super wash (machine washable) and hopefully well suited for baby clothes. Their factory outlet is only 20 minutes from my house so it’s easy to drop by when in need of yarn. Way too easy. And the bargain bins make it that much harder not to buy more than needed. This beautiful blue alpaca came 20 balls in the bag, a total of 1 kg, so I’ll be knitting lots of blue stuff through the winter.

I fell in love with Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket and Tomten Jacket on Ravelry and ordered the patterns from Schoolhouse Press.

My new knitting bag is a hemp tote bag from Heathrow. How could I not buy one of these?

Friday, 23 September 2011

"Til konfirmanten"

Ok, so this quilt did not want to be taken pictures of at all. I had no idea greens would be just as hard to photograph as reds, but there you go. Impossible. All the lovely greens look grey and boring. How did that happen. We tried everything except going outside because it was a raining. I’d rather have dull pictures than lugging a soaking wet confirmation gift around.

Anyhow; here it is;
the confirmation quilt for my nephew the night before we headed eastwards; husband moonlighting as a quilt rack. Thank you, dear.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Pink free

The first baby jacket is almost finished, only a few seams to stitch. The plan was to add pink buttons and a little flower if my new grandchild is a girl, but no pink is needed because it’s a little boy. He looks so much like his big brother on his sonogram pictures and I’m already in love.

Can you tell I’m grinning.-)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Boob day

I’m packing up my boob gear again today for another Make a Boob workshop at my guild. My neatly sorted boxes are quite a bit messier now than when grandson and I first meticulously filled them, one bag of beads in each compartment. However, after killing a few hours of moving beads around with a teaspoon at Craftretreat, I confess they will probably stay like that until Make a Boob is finished sometime in the future. Unless there are some neat freaks out there who would love to do it for me.-)

The Make a boob blog has been updated with new arrivals through the summer (click picture to get to that specific post):

The ladies at Quilte Huset/Vestlandsdrakten
I’ll have to do another boob count, but I’d say I have approx 750 boobs now; a number with which I am totally happy.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Some do and some don't

The verdict is in. The fusible strip from IKEA made for hemming curtains, does not work for appliqué. See the grid like texture? Not even close to the smooth looking strip on the picture on the package. I’ll probably save it if I ever need quick hemming, but for quilting – not recommended. At all. Gunky chunky yucky stuff.

I have higher hopes for these little guys. They are those little plastic hanging things from socks and undie packages which I think will make excellent hangers for little quilts. I have been collecting them in different sizes for a while, and am waiting for the right project to try them out. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Ugly fabric challenge

My guild set up an ugly fabric challenge a few months ago, and the whopping number of 3 signed up and handed in their ugly fabrics. I was one of them.

I drew (chose? I don’t even remember) this Christmas (?) fabric from the 80ies (my guess). I actually find the fabric rather cute and not ugly at all, and have an idea what I will make. It will be something small.

I thought the deadline was in September but it’s in October so plenty of time, but you know how these deadlines work. Plenty of time, plenty of time, plenty of time, oh, tomorrow, tomorrow? tomorrow! oh ...!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sew In # 8

By this morning I had finished the Rainbow Runner.
I like the way it look in the white table
and even better with my favourite crystal bowl. I think this one is a keeper.

And, I stitched a few rounds on my art knitting project; a grey and orange woollen pillow. In case you wonder what the “art” part is about, it’s basically throwing all my ordinary rules of knitting to the wind and playing it totally by ear. Whether the result will be anything artsy I don’t know, but I have fun working at it.
Daughter will be coming over for a girlie movie night soon; I have a few presents to finish up with some hand stitching, so it’s the perfect to spend this windy Saturday evening.

I hope you enjoy yours as well!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday afternoon

Tonight is another Friday Night Sew In, and I thought I’d join in. I’m thinking of revisiting my Rainbow Runner.“Rainbow?” you might think, but have a look at the back and you’ll understand the somewhat non-self-explanatory name.

The top is made from leftover blocks from way back when I first got started quilting and my material of choice was thrifted fabrics and IKEA thread in every colour known to mankind and some not even so.

I will make it into a table runner for my dining room table. My table has up till now been runner-free; partly because I kept it buried under quilting stuff for so long. Well; not any more.

Have a wonderful Friday; I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of the table runner. And perhaps some knitting? Maybe there’s something good on the telly to keep me company while I’m stitching...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Make a Banner

Not only am I a slow poke quilter, I am also a slow poke gift giver. This name banner was finished in February for my friend’s first grandson who was born in November last year. After several attempts, I finally handed over the quilt to grandma Gro last week for her to pass on to the proud parents and little boy.

A tutorial on how to make a scrappy name banner is up here. I forgot to measure the quilt though, so use any measurement you’d like, I will never know the difference and neither will you.

I’m doing work work at home and have moved my laptop into my studio this week. For some strange reason I’m less distracted residing smack down in the middle of all my creative mess than anywhere else in the house. Go figure.

Make a Banner

This scrappy banner is easy to make; you get something pretty and your scrap bin gets a little less crowded. Win win, right?

Choose fabrics and letters that suits the occasion; this name banner was made for a new baby boy.

What you’ll need
Fabric scrapsFusible web

Background fabric; choose a solid fabric or one that reads as solid for the letters to show.
Tulle or netting
A printout of your letters

And what you’ll do
Print out the letters you want to use; I have made mine in Word using the font Tekton Pro Ext, bold and in size 300. If you have the option to print a reverse document, do so.
If your letters are the right way; make a mirror image by tracing around them on the printout using a marker that will show through the paper. Draw the lines properly on the wrong side of the paper (see my
Make a Letter tutorial).

Cut a strip of fusible web as wide as you want your mid section to be. Make it as long as possible, and adjust the length later. I am sorry, I forgot to measure mine and the quilt is given away, but I think my strip was approx 6” wide.

Draw your reversed letters onto the fusible strip exactly the way you want them to appear on the quilt. This means lining them up properly and using the same space between the letters (sorry, no pictures of this step).

Place the fusible strip on your ironing table, glue side up, and start covering it with little pieces of fabric.
Make sure the fabric pieces overlap properly in every direction and let them go over the edges. Fuse the scraps to the web.
Using sharp scissors, start cutting out the letters. Save the negative spaces of letters like O and A.

Turn over and check that you have cut away all the layers.
Clean up the edges with a rotary cutter and remove the paper carefully.
Place the fused piece on the background fabric, including the “holes” from Os and As etc. Fuse into place.
Layer the top with batting and batting.

Cover the fabric scraps with a piece of tulle, and pin.
Start quilting. I have quilted vertical lines using the walking foot and a light thread matching the background fabric. I started with the tulle covered mid section, stitching the first line one presser foot’s width left of the fabric scraps and kept quilting lines through the mid section all the way over to one presser foot width right of the scraps.
Cut away the excess tulle close to the stitching lines on both sides of the mid section.

Continue quilting the background.
Add hanging triangles and binding and you’re done.
Have fun and let me see your scrappy projects!

Monday, 12 September 2011


This weekend was one of the brilliant ones; 4 generations of Moens together at Lillehammer, celebrating the oldest boy in our family stepping into adulthood. And what a handsome man he has grown into.

We are all so proud of him; no one more so than his mother, my younger sister.

For the first time ever my parents got to have their 3 daughters, 2 sons in law, 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild in one place. A complete Moen clan and a lot of noise; we are not a timid breed, just ask the sons in law.

We also got to spend time with my brother in law’s family and my sister’s best friend and her family; all lovely people.

I chokingly delivered my little godmother speech with accompanying gifts for his way into the future; a (chocolate) gold medal so he will remember who he is (No 1), a map over Norway so he’ll remember where he comes from (and where Stavanger is), and a flash light so he can find his way through darkness. Did I say I was choking?

The youngest member of the clan was incredible patient all through the service and dinner and was having the time of his life running in the hallways with all his cousins, wearing them out one by one.
Unfortunately I was, as always, crap at taking pictures, but I have borrowed these (with permission) from my sister’s Facebook page. Thank goodness for family members who took pictures at the church and the party and more family pictures, so I’ll get copies. I’ll have to ask the proud mother to take a picture of the young man with his new quilt, because, surprise, surprise, I forgot.

Today I have been resting my pleasantry muscles (it’s hard work being so pleasant all the time!) and gotten back to work. I’ll be swamped for the next few of weeks, so there will probably not be much sewing. Unless I just have to...

See you around!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Cutting of Spike

Spike is one of my slow poke quilt projects which I’ll revisit every now and then. Not being up to much of anything lately, I have been cleaning up the edges of my wacky-ish spike blocks. I’m still waiting for my meds to kick in and airways to clear up, although spending my days on the couch is not all bad as it gives me plenty of guilt free knitting time. A silver lining in shape of knitted grandchild items so to speak.

This weekend is my nephew’s confirmation, so I’ll be away from my blog for a few of days to spend time with my loved ones.

I’ll be thinking of my US friends today. Stay strong!