Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Card Day #1

Daughter and I spent a delightfully creative day together making invitations for the new baby’s christening; fingers covered with glue and table covered with mess. Perfect!

This is her design (as you probably can tell from the lack of orange); I was just a pair of helping hands. We stamped and glued and tried out different layouts and materials and finally put her die cut thingie to good use (did I say I went a little crazy shopping for scrapbooking supplies?).

We are going to make place cards and thank you cards soon; better to do it now before the baby is born and the mother still can focus for more than 3 minutes. Thankfully I have enough card stock and stuff for a few more cards. Just a few.-)

Monday, 30 January 2012

2012 FMQC January

My practice cloth for the Free Motion Quilting Challenge does not look much like a Miss January, more like Mr. January which is fine. I made 3 sandwiches last night from a couple of scraps of blue fabric from my old stash. I had just enough for the 3 of them and am thinking place mats for my parents; one for each of them and one for the middle of the table.

The 2” wide strips of checked fabric were spray basted onto the sandwiches and secured by zigzag stitching around the edges.

The natural light was long gone by the time I finished quilting, so I tried taking pictures both with and without the natural daylight lamp. None of them worked very well.

I quite like the turquoise thread against the blue grey solid.

The stitches look well enough on the front but not that great on the back. The sewing machine has been parked for a few years and smelled a bit funky when I cranked it up, so I’ll have to figure out our tension issues as he and I get reacquainted. Oh well; I have decided I won’t focus on perfect stitches while working my way through the challenge, but more on the fun of free motion stitching and practicing new doodling patterns.

Leaves: Check!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Quilting a week away

Last week was one of those that had me reaching for snacks I swore I was off two years ago. By Thursday I was in a really bad mood which doesn’t happen very often, and all I could do was to work my way through some of the things that were piling up on me, one of them making class samples.

I am preparing for a new class in April, and I’m so fortunate that I’m allowed to pick and choose what I want to teach at this class. This time it will be a free motion quilting class; trying out quite a few ways to quilt and using them for making shapes. You see, I kind of lost the joy of free motion quilting quite a while ago (think free motion Scrooge) and have been going through the motions for ages, using the same old quilting techniques over and over again. Now I am determined to get my free motion mojo back and have, amongst other things, signed up for the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge at SewCalGal’s.

However, I needed to get my own ideas onto cloth before I started on the challenge because I don’t want my class to copy other people’s work and ideas.

So I have been quilting

and quilting

and quilting

and quilting

and I love working with these bright and pretty colours

even the cutoffs.

The only problem is that both my machines are in dire need of tune ups. I have some real issues with the thread tension on the one I’m using now and it’s particularly noticeable in the straight line quilting.

Oh well, never mind, I’m on a roll.

I am happy to tell you the bad mood has vanished and I have spent a lovely weekend with the men in my life.

Today we drove up to check up on our cabin so grandson could have some quality snow time, and he sure did.

The snow on the trail was too deep for him to walk (I barely made it there myself and my legs are looong), and on the way back I was pulling him on his sledge while husband carried the old sewing machine I keep at the cabin. Oh man, he was laughing so hard that he kept falling of the sledge as I was fighting my way through the snow falling this way and the other every few yards. I may have been a bit cold and I may have been a bit wet, but I enjoyed myself just as much as he did.

Now the old machine is set up in my studio, and hopefully I’ll be back quilting again tomorrow afternoon. First I’ll be spending a few hours with daughter making invitations for the baby’s christening and thank you notes. I was afraid I had her all crafted out while she was growing up, but she has been taking up scrapbooking during the last year. Who knew scrapbooking offered just as many shopping opportunities as quilting. My studio is full, but scrapbook supplies do not take up that much space; especially when they are at someone else’s house…

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Collaborative art

I have wanted to try making collaborative art for a while and I think I’ve got the perfect partner right here. Grandson and I made this city for his mom for her birthday and it was, as always, an enjoyable experience although he was most enthusiastic about painting and using his scissors.

We painted a readymade canvas with diluted acrylic paint which left all these little sparkling white dots everywhere.

The flowers and stars were rolled on with a foam roller thingie and a huge shining moon painted in the sky.

The buildings are made from paint chips with sticker windows on every floor. The markers I bought for this purpose were not suitable for drawing on paint chips after all, so we abandoned the idea of adding more details after a few attempts. Just as good I’d say; I love it like this.

This is my favorite building; wouldn’t you love to have a studio here; think of all the light shining through these windows.

In case I ever leave Stavanger, I wouldn’t mind living right here.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Making work work

I am, together with quite a few people, in the process of transforming 9 months and 11 days of work into something much smaller but just as colourful.

Consider yourselves teased.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Task of the day, January 21st

On this date 25 years ago, I walked into the hospital to have my first and only child. I remember thinking (as I waddled towards the entrance) that the next time I’ll be outside I’ll be a mom and nothing will ever be the same. Tomorrow is daughter’s 25th birthday, and I am as happy to know her as I was when we first met 25 years ago. I was right, everything did change and I discovered I had superpowers.

The only thing left to do tonight is finishing her quilt by attaching this heart. I’m thinking simple whip stitches in bright pink thread.

Grandson and I have created a piece of collaborative art and a collaged card. Pictures of both will follow when the gifts have been handed over; I really don’t want to ruin the surprise in case she stops by here.

Tonight it's also time to draw the winner of my 600th post giveaway, and blah blah random blah blah the winner is
No 42, Mimi.

Congratulations, Mimi, you’ll receive an email from me. To the rest of you, thank you for playing along!

Now onto stitching the heart; have a wonderful weekend!

Oh, I almost forgot; I did take pictures of the whole Christmas table cloth before it went into the laundry as requested. Isn’t it just perfect!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Intuition Quilt, Day Twelve

Ok, so I’m officially in love with this quilt. It literally brightens up the dark and grey days of a snowless winter and brings much needed warmth and light into my day. I keep it hanging over a chair in my living room just so that I can enjoy it when I’m not working on it, only removing it when daughter’s coming over.

What can I say; I love the lines and colours

and the little bumps made by stitching around circles

which are showing even better on the back

and the threads, oh all the lovely thread.

I don’t even mind that a little red has bled into white dots (that’s why I usually wash everything. Everything!). It must have happened a long time ago, I just hadn’t noticed.

I had picked some possible binding fabrics way back

and added one more into the mix.

If daughter has changed her mind about this quilt, I wouldn’t mind. I can keep it. Seriously.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

"Med hodet på skrå" 2-4

A little gift for someone who I have never met

and a pair of class samples.

I would love to make many of these; they were such a joy to create.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Intuition Quilt, Day Eleven+Threehundredandsomething

Day 10 of my Intuition Quilt posts came and went in silence last year; I don’t even remember what I was supposedly documenting through the Day 10 pictures which I found stored on my computer. Anyhow, I do recall how I wanted to quilt the top almost a year ago; that is I didn’t really want to quilt it at all as I loved the crisp lines of the fabrics as they were, but since it’s not a quilt until it’s quilted, I had a firm idea how it would be.

Three colours of variegated thread were purchased back in March as I couldn’t make up my mind in the store. And of course I needed three spools of each of them just in case the quilt would stretch to king size during the process or something. I would have been surprised, but prepared. I should add I rarely buy thread for specific projects any more, but use the ones that I already have. Seriously, I’ve got enough.

Looking at the top with fresh eyes I have decided to use all three of them, starting with the brownish on the bottom border.

Marking the quilt design wasn’t much of a job.

All I need is a few of these little fellows

which will be spending most of their time up here

and a few seconds down here every now and then.

It has been a long time since I have been this much excited about the quilting itself. I started this project on January 10th 2011, so it’s about time it got finished I’d say.

Happy quilting!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Bobbin along

While I was setting up my machine for power quilting the Intuition Quilt, I was reminded about something that has come up several times while out and about with other quilters – how do you wind your bobbins/the mystery of the bobbinholes. You see, I always thought I had figured them out, but as so many others have been surprised to see me doing this, I wonder if I got it all wrong.

I start winding my bobbins by threading the thread through one of the holes in the bobbin (my bobbins have two of them) from the inside and outwards (sorry about the hard to see thread; I should have wound an orange bobbin for these pictures),

I hold on to the thread while I start winding

and snip it off when it’s safely secured.

I always assumed this was why the bobbins have holes; isn’t it?