Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Leaving it

I have a meeting tonight and this is how I left the desk in my studio. Winter seems to be lurking around the corner every night so we had to run (I wish, I had to wait forever) to get our winter tires on. Hopefully there will be time for more play tomorrow when I get the dirt off my fingers. Lugging 2 cars worth of tires is quite a workout.

Monday, 29 October 2012

"Eye of the storm"

Welcome to my blog, Mrs Moen! My name is Nina Lise Moen, and I am a quilter and quilt book author who designs patterns and teaches classes on the side. I enjoy a few other creative outlets as well, but today is all about quilting. I didn’t think I would manage to finish this quilt in time for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, but yesterday I was given the gift of a few hours and decided to better use it wisely.

I enjoy making many different kinds of quilts, from piecing together simple fabric shapes to creating art pieces, and with quite a few small story quilts in between. Most of all I love playing with fabrics, and my scrap bins are often put to use although you could not tell by looking at them. Over the last year I have worked quite a lot with a technique I call Painting with fiber and right now I’m quite fascinated with the possibilities and I have enjoyed developing a new class concept called Layer upon layer.

“Eye of the storm” was made yesterday as part of a challenge. The theme was movement and it was supposed to be cut into a triangle, but it was to pretty and too large to waste, so I’m adding it to my Layer upon layer class curriculum instead.

The quilt is made with lots of different transparent and semi transparent fibres.

Half the fun of working with untraditional materials is searching for them, seeing the potential in other’s castoffs and mundane and outdated everyday objects. It’s safe to say I have been a bit obsessed, paying frequently visits to the local thrift shops. Right now my studio is all stacked up and ready for new classes and projects. Seriously, I could not fit another piece of organza in there.

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats:
Finished quilt measures : 17 1/2"*18"
Special techniques used : Painting with fiber
Quilted by : Myself
Best Category : Art quilt
I’d better start putting my glorious collection into good use; there are quilts to sew (like a new movement challenge quilt), classes to prepare, and kits to make. Thanks for stopping by and thank you Amy for setting the Festival up; you can see the rest of the online quilt show here.
Have fun!

Sunday, 28 October 2012


I am diving into the "paint" from the other day, enjoying the ride but still anxious to see where it's taking me. Hopefully not too far from my expected destination..

Friday, 26 October 2012

Thursday, 25 October 2012

I Painter

I am a painter, batting is my canvas and this is my paint.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

On a roll

After wasting an evening cutting bad shapes, bad, bad shapes, I started all over again yesterday evening.

Oh yeah, I'm on a roll.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Smashing slashing

What would you say if your cutoffs looked better than the shapes you've carefully cut out?

Yeah, me too. Not a good day for playing with my sheer collection obviously. Oh well, it will hopefully all work out in the end.

Thursday, 18 October 2012


It does not take much to keep me happy. No matter how fun quilting weekends and holidays are, I still love the everydays most. Since my arrival home on Sunday night I have regrouped, stacking up on materials used for classes like there will be no tomorrow, bone tired after the last couple of months’ ordeals but with my head buzzing with new ideas. I am still enjoying the overwhelming feeling of freedom that goes with a fully recuperated daughter and not being on full time baby duty anymore.

I was picking grandson up from kindergarten this afternoon for our first regular grandma weekend since his mom got injured and we became a 3 generation household again. We’ll be doing nothing particular. Just spending time together doing what we normally would do, no deadlines, no kits, no stress. Sleep, eat, play. Maybe a museum visit, we haven’t been doing those for a while. Mmmm, like the sound of that. Maybe I’ll sneak in a few minutes in my sewing room playing with my new stuff though, I can hear them calling.

The washed & crinkly doll quilts from this post are now being loved by little girls of all ages in the kindergarten which reminds me that I had some issues trimming off the edges.

I got this rotary cutter in a goodybag years ago and just started using it. It would not cut through the top and fleece backing without a fight and I have never had this problem with my other cutters.

The blade seems a bit on the skimpy side so that the blue plastic scratches against the ruler while cutting, getting shredded in the process.

Any ideas how to avoid this in the future?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lag på lag in Trondheim

My weekend was filled with colour and energy and people. Teaching the “Lag på lag” (Layer upon layer) class in Trondheim my days were jam packed with visual impressions. The class was full, the classroom even fuller, and creative energy sparkling everywhere. These ladies, from traditional quilters and all the way up to textile artists, cut, ripped and pinned their way through 3 days and 5 different projects using all kinds of materials. By the end of the weekend my feet were tired and there were enough scraps to create a few more quilts lying on the floor. Perfect.

Trondheim is a historic city which I used to visit quite often as a teenager as my sister was a student there. They have been very good at preserving lots of the beautiful 2 story wooden buildings in the town center like around the town square.

The class, set up by Trondheim Quiltelag, was held at Quiltegården quilt shop. We kicked the weekend off with two smallish projects to reboot any straight line/ruler/rotary cutter brains.

I had, again, a room with a view

there were frost on the roofs below

and the streets were still quiet as I walked the two blocks from the hotel to the shop on Saturday morning.

Then there was a riot of fabric and colours as the students worked on their landscape quilts. So much beauty in one little space, my brain was still buzzing when I went to bed in the evening!

The hotel lift also came with a view. Not really a fan of ourdoorsy glass walled lifts, it took me a few rides to appreciate the view but I’m glad I did.

Back in class we worked on trees and flowers. Aren’t they just gorgeous!

We did a little show & tell at the end of the day. Some students had left already and others had a hard time leaving their machines, but still, quite an impressive show & tell for a weekend class I’d say!

Thank you, ladies, for being such great sports and diving into unchartered territory with me, and for making this such a fun class to teach! Just say the word and I’ll be back!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Vestlandstreff at Voss

Life has been a whirlwind since I left my beautiful room with a view and travelled home from Voss. It was a great weekend. The journey up there was rather quick and half way there I realized I was totally orange. Orange jacket, orange scarf, orange purse, orange bag. In case you were wondering, I do love orange.

I could have caught an earlier train from Bergen to Voss, but I’d rather spend a couple of hours with my fabulous niece who is a student there. I was admiring the station roof as I was waiting for her, the structure and lines would look nice in a quilt.

This is what 30+kg luggage looks like. Oh man; heeeaavvvyyy.

The weather was perfect and so was the view from the train. Not too cloudy, no wind and glorious fall colours just starting to pop.

I stayed at Fleischer Hotel, one of the historic hotels, on the top floor facing the fjord. Being shuttled back and forth to the school where I was teaching, I never got around to getting a proper picture, so I borrowed this from their website. Fantastic, isn’t it!

And with lots of traditional details everywhere.

The ladies from Voss Quiltelag, who hosted the event, were ever so kind and fun and helpful and everything went smoothly. The classrooms were light and airy and everything was in order. Thank you ladies, for a great Vestlandstreff!

The only little hiccup was that one of my students had forgotten the pedal and chord to her machine at home, but she was able to borrow a set from a sewing machine supplier. Phhhew.

The Saturday class was “Mix and Match for Christmas” with 7 lovely and eager students. They all made wonderful Christmas projects and we had lots of fun.

The Sunday “Med hodet på skrå” class was equally fun, but somewhat smaller with only two students. Fortunately they were great, so we had lots of fun, and they too both made wonderful projects. I knew it would be a small class up front (although not that small) so I had prepared another sample and kits that we got started on.

The journey home on Sunday was mainly spent in company with some old and some new friends. It was really funny as we all pulled out our knitting projects on the train. Maybe it is possible to be all quilted out after all. My luggage was fortunately 10+kg lighter on the way back after unloading books and kits and handouts and whatnots, and I was very good buying only a teeny tiny bag of paper shapes for English paper piecing.
Now I have just a few little details to put together, and I’ll be ready for my next adventure - travelling to Trondheim on Friday to teach the Lag på lag class. See you all later!