Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The TriRecs Project; Basic blocks

The TriRecs Project is a documentation of a surprisingly fun experiment to see what I could do with the TriRecs rulers. This is not a promotion of the rulers; I’m just doing this for fun. You can read the previous posts here.
OK, so upwards and onwards to basic blocks which I’m sure all have names. I have not looked them up as this part was most for demonstration purposes although it was quite fun to see how small changes make rather big impacts.

Dark/light Triangle in a square: Dark corners, light triangle
Light/dark Triangle in a square: Light corners, dark triangle

I started with 4 Dark/light Triangle in a square units all pointing outwards

turned them around all pointing inwards which created a fun spinning block

added 5 plain dark squares, points pointing towards centre

swapped centre square to light

swapped the corner squares with half square triangles, darks pointing outwards

swapped top & bottom Triangle in a square with Light/dark (I loved this one!)

swapped all Triangle in squares with Light/dark and turned the points outwards

turned the points towards centre and turned Half square triangles outwards

turned points outwards

I could have gone on forever, but you get the idea. Make a few units, and start playing; throw some 4-patches or other patches into the mix and see where they take you. Taking pictures of each and every layout is highly recommended, sometimes you have struck gold and don’t even realize until you see the pictures.

Here are a couple of suggestions using 4-patches and Quarter square triangles

I also played a little with setting the Triangle in a square units on point, and you can do some really fun stuff just mixing them up with some plain squares.

These two layours are the same, I have only changed a few colours. 

Swapping the yellow with a light green, this would make a great Christmas quilt.

Next up: Other TriRecs blocks

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