Monday, 11 April 2016

The TriRecs Project; Boat runner

Welcome to another post in the TriRecs Project series! You can see the previous posts here, including cutting and piecing tips.

I wanted to play with the boat shape, and grabbed a handful of 2 ½” strips from the scrap box. The pieces were cut with the 4 ½” line on one side of the strip and the 2” line on the other.

The pieces are laid out every other boat i different direction

and pieced together with the little ¼” dog ear like this.

I pieced the whole row before I pressed the seams; to the right in every other row, and to the left in the others.

Working with lots of different scraps, grouping them into values may help taming the craziness and so I did. I stitched my boats into rows of 7 pieces in each and added corners to each end.

The darkest row was very dark and threw the balance totally off when placed on the edge, so I moved it one row. Much better.


The scrappiness needed something to calm down, so I added 8 ½” pieces to the short ends. The yellow pieces of a recycled table cloth made it instantly look like spring.

Bubble labyrinth quilting and

beads on strings quilting.

I bound it with the same yellow fabric as I used for the end pieces which helps containing all the colours. Approx measurements: 12 ½”*38”.

Happy quilt!

Next up: Unicorns

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  1. Sweet project. The quilting stitches bring it altogether and add wonderful visual interest. Xox