Friday, 8 April 2016

The TriRecs Project; The Hexish runner

As the TriTool is not an equilateral triangle, you cannot form a true hexagon with the triangles, but you can make perfectly good hexish shapes. All my elements were cut from 4 ½” strips; you can see the previous TriRecs Projects posts here.

My first hexish shape made from 6 triangles.

I liked the slightly off shape, so I started playing with them on my wall. Could I for instance create a 3D look?

Indeed I could and the effect would be even more obvious if I wasn’t sticking to my scraps and instead chose fabrics that were even closer in value: two light, two medium and two darks.

And what would happen if I made a continuous line of hexish shapes?

Hm, interesting.

Start with one set of triangles and arrange them with the lights on top, the mediums on one side and the darks on the other.

Add more hexish shapes like this, working in a diagonal manner until you have the desired number of shapes. 

Keep the placement of light, medium and dark the same in each block.

Stitch the triangles into diagonal rows

and stitch the rows together, matching points as you go.

I wanted a no-binding finish so I layered the batting, backing with the right side facing up and top with the wrong side up, pinned the edges and stitched around the perimeter leaving a 3,5” opening or so for turning. Try to avoid seams in the opening.

I have snipped the corners marked O and trimmed all the points before turning.

Turn the project, and press the edges. I have machine stitched a ¼” seam all around the edge and whip stitched the opening by hand.

It was a bright and sunny day when I shot these pictures and difficult to stay out of the sunlight.

You can see the slightly off angles better while it was hanging in the studio.

I don’t use a lot of table cloths and runners, but this little gem has found its home in the window sill. It measures approx 21”*9”, a perfect size although one corner would not lie flat this afternoon. Oh well.

Next up: Another project.


  1. Love your project. Someday I'll make a table runner... really.

  2. Table runners, not so much, but this is cute and I like the idea of a window sill. Xox