Friday, 1 April 2016

The TriRecs Project; Other TriRecs blocks

Here are some other ways to put basic shapes together (previous TriRecs Project posts here):

The Pyramid block

My pyramids are 6” tall and made from 2 ½” triangles. You can use only 4 triangles for a 4” pyramid or change the width of the strips.

Cut 9 triangles from 2 ½” strips.

Piece them together; first row by row, then the rows together. Cut two corners, one Left and one Right.

Piece together and press seams towards the corners.

Pyramids can also be piced together with plain triangles, Playing with triangles in the same colour as the plain triangles gives another look.

So does playing with different values

I pressed the seam allowances open on the pink pyramid which made the size more correct.

Several pyramids joined together with plain triangles would make a great border.

The Tilted square block

The corner angle is practically made to tilt squares. You need one square and 4 corners – either 4 Lefts or 4 Rights. My elements were all cut from 4 ½” strips.
(Rights make the block tilt this way; the following sample is made with Lefts.)

Place the square and one corner facing each other, aligning the diagonal side of the corner so that the ends poke out like this.

Stitch approx half the seam

Fingerpress the seam, and add the second corner so that you get that little ¼” dog ear

Stitch the whole seam, and press towards the corner.

Add the third and fourth corners the same way, and stitch the rest of the first seam.

Possible layout for tilted square blocks.

The Diamond block

You can easily cut diamond shapes with the Tri Tool. My elements were all cut from 4 ½” strips.

Fold the fabric strip, place the 4” line on the fold and cut the diagonals and top. The size of this diamond will give you a slightly wider seam allowance which you can choose to trim down if you like. Using the 4 1/4" line gave a too narrow seam allowance for my taste, but that may have been a piecing issue in my rush to see if this would work.

You’ll need 4 corners; two Lefts and two Rights.

Starting at the pointy ends, stitch two opposite corners to the diamond the same way as you would piece a Triangle in a square unit. Press seams towards the corners.

Add the two last corners the same way, press and trim dog ears. As previous stated, my samples were made from scraps and there wasn’t enough left of the pink and grey to make another block - hence the purple diamond.

Possible layout for Diamond blocks

Next up: TriRecs objects

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