Monday, 4 April 2016

The TriRecs Project; TriRecs objects

I had a lot of fun playing with the TriRecs units; all TriRecs elements were cut from 4 ½” strips. You can see the previous TriRecs Project posts here.

Small house
One Triangle in a square + a square

Tall house
One 4 ½”*8 ½” rectangle, top of which cut to shape.
Mark the centre on the top and use this mark to centre the top of the ruler.

Use a ruler to make sure the bottom of the Tri Tool is straight

Cut the two diagonals and add two white corners

Houses side by side, both with snowy roofs.

One Triangle in a square, one pieced ground/tree trunk

Two Triangles in a square + one narrow strip (he's very cold, his skin is blue..)

I first pressed the seam allowances in the Santa block in the wrong direction; all I could see was a bird so I had to make one.
One Triangle in a square + a narrow strip

Two Triangles in a square (one red and one green corner on each) + two of these (or 4-patches). Add a stem if you'd like.

TriRecs units could be made into anything - like fun dog blocks – just saying...

Next up: Two easy TriRecs projects

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