Friday, 29 April 2016

The TriRecs Project; Unicorns

Welcome to another chapter of the TriRecs Project! I’m not even half done with posting my TriRecs experiments in case you’re wondering. You can see the previous posts here, including cutting and piecing tips.
One of the great things about doing an experiment is that you get to name your elements as you go. Whether it already has been given a name or not, does not matter, just pick any name and go with it.

The Unicorn shape is so named as it has only one corner and only needs one corner. In Nowegian a unicorn is called enhjørning – onecornered. Perfect, right?

A Unicorn + a Corner can form a square or a rectangle, and you have both Lefts and Rights Unicorns.

I have made templates for cutting my blocks; it’s quick and pain free. You can make your template from almost anything. My material of choice for this project has been white fabric with a high thread count; partly because the markings show better on pictures. I think a sturdy non-woven interfacing would be even better, so I’ll go with that the next time.

Cut a square or rectangle the size of your unfinished unit; this rectangle measures 4 ½”*6 ½”. Draw a line marking the ¼” seam allowance. I first drew mine all the way around, but you only need to mark one corner like this – ¼” from the two edges.

Place your Tri tool so that the dotted line intersects with the drawn corner.

Cut off the corner and you have a 6*4 Unicorn. This one is a Left (the 90 degree angle is on the left side).

A Left 4*4 Unicorn

Cutting Unicorns:
Place the template on a (here 4 ½”) strip of fabric, 

align the edge of the ruler along the side, and cut. 

The template can be used on both sides to create mirror images, or you can cut with two layers facing each other.

Playing with Unicorns
You can make all kinds of fun blocks with Unicorns:
Two Unicorns and a triangle

Unicorn squares

4 Unicorn squares

Adding plain squares

Adding half square triangles

Sky is the limit!

Next up: Go big

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