Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A big question

Hello there!

I have been working with classes lately, one of them a brand new beginner's class for the fall. I'm having a lot of fun planning it, and a lot of debates with myself about what is crucial to include in such a class. I did a little research on a couple of Facebook groups, and, surprise surprise, everyone's opinion i different. 

My big question is: Looking back, what do you wish you had learned as a beginner quilter?

My thought is that I would like to take them through the process from beginning to end so that they have a small finished project (tablerunner) at the end of the class, quilted and bound and ready to use. 

We will start with one simple pieced block and rather than throwing lots of different shapes into the mix, focus on the joy of creating. Through that first project they will learn how to cut fabric, choose colours, sew proper seams, work on a design wall, piece a top, do applique, add borders, basic machine quilting and binding. Then, we will move on to creating a second project where they will calculate block sizes and numbers, working with their own layout. 

I will have to keep my options open whether to introduce a new shape and block, but if time allows, we can.

What do you think, would you be disappointed after such a class?

While I have no regrets about my first ever quilt, colours was the only thing I knew:)
You can read more about it here.