Monday, 14 September 2009

Big & Stressed

It’s the start of week 3 of the program, and the exercising is great. I even take long walks voluntary just to make sure I do enough. Fitting all this extra time into my everyday life is however a bit stressful. The program itself takes about 8 hours a week with transportation and all, then there’s planning the meals, which I by the way is not that good at. All the information about what’s not good for me makes me pretty much terrified of eating almost anything, and the 6 meals a day are a challenge!

What’s probably most stressing me these days is all the quilting I should have done. I have this problem, you see, I often lose interest in a project when I see how it turned out. That’s why I never use patterns. All the models for my workshop – I love them, but I’m kind of done with them. And I need at least 5 of them finished. Soon!

What I really want to do is dig out one of my old needlepoint pieces and use it for a project. After Kaffe Fassett’s lecture (which was wonderful and ever so charming!), I was even more eager. Maybe I should treat myself to a little creative playtime before I attack the pile of workshop-tops…

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  1. Hei
    Så flott bloggen din er. Det er så inspirerende å kikke innom - jeg er ikke så flink til å kommentere. Du bør legge bloggen ut her om du ikke har gjort det. Så flink du er med kurset også - stå på:)