Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Art class no. 1

I am happy to report that the first art class was interesting and fun. We started with some colour theory. Boring? Well, we quilters do know this and that about colour, but let me tell you – mixing a purple is not as easy as shopping for one.

The first exercise was painting positive/negative shapes, and colouring them in complementary colours. It’s not easy painting a circle with a 1 ½” brush; why I did not use the other one, I don’t know. Mixing the two complementary colours into shades of grey (the 3rd column; they all looked brownish to me) gave some really interesting textures.

The last half hour we got to play. Using 3 colours of our own choice, we painted a horizon. It was so much fun to see how the acrylic paint worked with mixing colours and adding water. I will not throw it away as it is apparently a great starting point for adding other techniques and stuff later.

The teacher talked a little about how to overcome the fear of a white canvas. Are you kidding me; I could not start painting fast enough!

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  1. Wow! another talent uncovered. You for sure have to keep this painting. I think we kept every thing Denise ever did and love them all.

    I did try to e-mail you but it wouldn't go through. I've been sick with some silly virus for a few days but will try to make everything work later today after work. I think it does show now on my blog. I'm still working on it tho.