Monday, 5 October 2009


The third quilt in the grief series, “Breathe”, was finished last week; so another UFO done! The binding was attached and just missing the hand stitching to the back. When I was done, I thought it needed some more quilting, and added the pebbles.

How it was done?

I painted a white face on a grey background, thinking the paint did not cover very well. When it dried, there was no white left at all. Huh? Checking the bottle, I discovered I had used textile decoupage glue instead of white paint. Oh …! Well; I had not tried decoupaging napkins to fabric yet, so here was a golden opportunity for some new experience, right?

Having a look through my assorted napkins, I found a white with big colourful dots. Using only the top layer, I added some more glue, and padded the paper down using a soft brush. In the heat of the moment, I also painted letters with the glue, and added scraps of paper.

The layers of glue and paper dried up kind of stiff, but, as I do with (almost) all my experiments, I quilted it and added binding. I kind of like the end result.

I also did paint another face quilt (with white fabric paint his time!) that is unfinished still…

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