Wednesday, 28 October 2009

"Chicken run" (2001)

One of my all time favourite quilts surfaced the other day. This is one of two quilts that actually have been on “public” display in our house. It fell off the wall a summer or two ago due to draught, and was put away until we could get it up again. You really need a couple of chimpanzees to climb up the wall (next to the staircase), but as chimpanzees have been a little scarce around our house lately, the quilt is not up yet.

The chicken block is Freddy Moran’s Funky chicken. I found it in this book (if I’m not horrible mistaken; I’ll check …) where it was used in a border, and I fell in love.
The chickens are made from Kona cotton squares, all solids except the sashing between the rows (a fat quarter) and the borders. The top border is a leftover from a hand painted curtain I once started on for daughter.

Inspired by the movie “Chicken run”, I made one chicken going in the wrong direction. If you have seen the movie, you know who I mean.


  1. Nina those are just too too cute.

  2. What a great quilt -- and I love the quilting on it! I've always been a fan of those chickens.
    And if I had any chimpanzees, I'd send them your way...

  3. Flott og fargerikt teppe - får håpe du får besøk av chimpanzees så det kommer opp :-)

  4. What a fun quilt! Do I see some fabric with spirals?

  5. Oh Mrs. M this is priceless. Yes that is Chicken Run. What a wonderful artist you are.

  6. Those are so cute. You've made such a lovely quilt out of those chickens.

  7. Dear Mrs Moen,

    The chickens are great! The bright colors and black background make them look like they are from a video game.

    Linda Laird