Thursday, 26 November 2009

Panty bag

I have not done much this week quilting wise, as I have pretty much been a full time grandma due to some unexpexted and unwelcomed bumps in the road of life. So, as I get to spend some extra days with my favourite little guy, I have less time to spend in my sewing room working on Christmas presents or making my usual mess. Anyway – what I have finished is another UFO from last year’s Christmas season.

This is known as a “panty bag” – a bag for underwear or other stuff when travelling (or anytime else for that matter). I made lots of them last year, and this one for mother in law was left unfinished for some reason.

The top, made from scraps, was done, and all I had to do was baste (spray, very quick) and quilt it (walking foot and wavy lines in the speed of light), clean up the edges and sew it together. I make the panty bags very simple using ready made bias tape on the top, a button and button hole for closing, and a velvet ribbon for hanging. You’ll find a short description on how to make the bag in Norwegian and English here.


  1. What a nice idea! And the bag is so pretty

  2. En sød ide og en fin lille gave. Tak for mønstret, som jeg har hentet.
    Mange hilsner

  3. hello, your bag is lovely.
    hope your daughter is ok and the 'roadbumps' even out.

  4. Lovely bag. I hope things are ok. I've been away and without computer access for a few days.