Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Big & Sagging

It’s been a while since my last post about the Big & Strong program, but that does not mean I have gone back to the coach potato mode. I’m still going strong although I missed a few weeks last month. All the hard work and giving up on sugar is paying off. My blood sugar level is half way down to where it should be, and my doctor is very happy with my progress – as am I:-) I’m not dreading all the temptations around the holidays any more. Eating sugar is just something I don’t do, like I don’t smoke and I don’t sky dive.

I don’t have any pants that fit; I’m back in the jeans that were too tight 2 years ago, and have to tie them around my waist to keep them from falling off. Seriously; I’m actually tying them with a repurposed piece of bias tape as I have not been able to find an elastic belt. I have bought elastics and a belt buckle to make my own in the proper Do It Yourself spirit; I’ll just have to finish all the Christmas projects first.

I’m still loving water aerobics, love it, love it, love it, even though I’m totally exhausted when we’re done. Yesterday we worked out to Christmas music, and “Driving home for Christmas” will never be the same after I have been jogging around in a heated pool in my fancy turquoise and blue swimsuit and a not-so-matching black and red swim cap. From mid January we will only meet once a week in the gym, so I have already signed up for another water aerobic class to fill up my quota of healthy fun.

Fitting in exercise 3 times a week during our 2 week holiday break will be a challenge though…


  1. Good for you Mrs. Moen!!! Keep up the great work! I remember a spinning class I had two years ago when I was on a fitness and food programme too. Driving home for Christmas by Chris Rea was one of the songs too, it has a whole different perspective since!

    No sugar.... I’ve never managed that. I always grave for dark chocolate. Sooooo weak!

  2. P.S

    I was amazed by the amount of sugar that’s in our daily food... amazed and stunned!


  3. What a great accomplishment!

  4. Not the easiest of "projects" to work on. The nice thing is that the reward is all yours - and well deserved, too! We all need to be good to ourselves, in ways that benefits us. Easier said than done. You rock!