Saturday, 5 December 2009


I do love a quilting challenge; even if it’s only me who sets rules for working on a piece. I just love working within the boundaries, sometimes pushing them as far as they go. Yesterday I joined a new challenge, The Erosion Bundle Project. I will hang my bundle of fabric and stuff in the garden in January, take it down on April, and use it in a piece by August. It sounds like so much fun as I have never tried anything like this before.

My guild just had a challenge for their 20th year anniversary. We all got a ca 30*30cm piece of red fabric which we should use in a quilt. That piece of red fabric was taunting me for months, and I was totally uninspired by it. Finally I just had to make something from the darn thing, so I used my Heavenly Angel illustration, and made this little quilt.
We also had a napkin challenge for our Christmas meeting last year (I had to look it up, I was so sure it was this January…) – make a quilt inspired from a napkin and bring both to the meeting.

I made this (red scraps and some inking)
inspired by this.It was such a fun challenge, with all kinds of imaginative quilty projects.


  1. The red fabric angel is beautiful! I really like the napkin challenge and the quilt you made from the napkin inspiration. I don't quite follow the erosion challenge. Do you really hang the fabric in the garden for 3 months and then see what the weather has done to it? Sounds like a fun challenge.

  2. Nina, ok so I looked at the Erosion Bundle Project and it does look like a lot of fun. It isn't just fabric....everything you can think of. Have a fun time and I can't wait to see your package.

  3. Så fine ting du viser her, tulipanen inspireret af en serviet er meget sød, jeg elsker tulipaner, mega sjov challenge du skriver om, lyder meget spændende, den er jeg også med på - nu. Ha en god weekend.

  4. Lovely angel!! So simple and elegant design!
    The tulip is pretty too - better save those napkins for a special occasion
    ; )

  5. Your angle is beautiful and I love your napkin challenge. I really can't imagine this erosion challenge but am anxious to follow your progress.

  6. Your guild has the most amazing challenges! I think the small things that really push your creativity are just what challenges should be. Both your flower and your angel are wonderful.