Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow Day

It’s here - again - the first snow of the season. I live on the west coast, so snow is not a regular issue, however, the chaos that follows is. It snowed for more than 12 hours yesterday, probably around 12”. Today is windy and freezing, and a nice weather to stay indoors.

Our little front tree at 04:47 (just a tiny bit insomniac)
at 10:02 and at 11:28. I love how it changes with the light.
I have just dropped grandson off at daughter’s and I think I might take the rest of the day off, or maybe drag out the rest of the decorations…
Happy Holidays!


  1. Snow....burrrrr! We're used to it here in Michigan. Love your elves. So cute!

  2. Your tree is beautiful. I love the way the light changes. We've had some snow but not anywhere near that much here in the valley. However, the ski resorts are rejoicing in their 52 inches. I'll stay inside and sew.

  3. The snow is beautiful, just in time for a white Christmas!

  4. Hehehe...var selv ute kl 2 om natten og tok ett flott bilde.
    Ha en koselig og snørik Jul :D

  5. I love your elves! Did you make them?