Thursday, 28 January 2010

Make A Heart tutorial Part One

This is a fun way to use some of the scraps of fabric and batting you have been saving. Make a few for Valentines or Christmas; these are addictive!

My brain and patience cannot upload and move around 30+ pictures at one time so I’ll have to do this tutorial in two parts.

The foundation
What you’ll needFabric scraps; there’s no such thing as too small scraps for this project. My biggest pieces are ca 3” * 2”

Scraps of batting, any low loft batting will do.

Cover one side with fusible web (great way to use webbing that has loosened from the paper; just cut the webbing to size and fuse it to the batting using an appliqué sheet or baking paper for protection).
Spray baste or fuse backing to the other side. My samples are ca 11” * 12” big.
Tulle. Different coloured tulle makes different result. I have used white, red and silvery grey for the samples.
Fluffy yarn
Fun, fluffy snowball yarn works too (take note of the last part of the tutorial though)
Pins (my favourite pin cushion made by daughter)

And what you’ll do
Cut away or leave those threads as you like
Start in a corner with a scrap; you’ll work on the web covered side of your batting:-) Place the next scrap so that there is a bit of overlap
Do the first “row”, and start building the next. Just place the scraps wherever you like; if you’re not happy, you can always add some more or replace pieces
To break up bigger pieces, you can put a narrow strip on top
When you’re happy, use the iron to fuse everything in place
Hold the piece up against the light to see if there are any holes. If something falls off, just put it back. Cover any holes with new pieces.
Here are two of my foundations ready for Part Two.


  1. This is so great. I still have some red scraps left and I'm going to try it. I love your heart

  2. What a beautiful work! love the colours!!!