Thursday, 21 January 2010

Still growing

Making progress on the hand quilted linen pieces:

One (from this post) all grown up and ready to be made into a purse.I have bought batting and all, and hope to be finished by next Friday when husband and I will go out.

One barely started. This will be a pillow for daughter, so I’ll add pink between the lines.The bright red orange does still not photograph well no matter what kind of light I try.


  1. They're booth looking lovely!
    ; )

  2. Hand quilting is really relaxing. I must get back to it again. I like it - Hugs Nat

  3. Nina beautiful again. did you mark it prior to quilting?

  4. It is looking soooo good. Have you ever noticed that red is not a good color to wear on television either?

  5. I'm still liking this project. Looks like a therapeutic project and pretty.