Saturday, 6 February 2010

All kinds of Wonderful

1 Friday mornings
Thursday is grandma time at our house, and I get to wake up with grandson on Friday mornings. Yesterday brought us this amazing sunrise as we were leaving for kindergarten and their annual costume party. Grandson was dressed as a little pirate.

2 Old friends
I visited with my best friend from college this week. We had not talked in years (like 10-15 of them), and have a little more wisdom, wrinkles, pounds, nicks and scars between us, but other than that it was just like old times. So much fun!

3 Will power
Thanks to my genetic steel like stubbornness, I have managed to get my blood sugar level down from 60% above the accaptable level to 14 % above. My doctor is very pleased, and so am I.

4 Quilting buddies
I spent two nights sewing with quilting buddies this week. It’s a bit of a drag lugging the sewing machine and the rest of the stuff around, but so much fun.
Our guild is making charity quilts for the children’s ward at the local hospital. We have collected circle blocks from the members,
(my little stack)
and on Tuesday we arranged them and pieced them together assembly line style (sorry about the flash-less photos). We got 15 tops done, not bad!

On Wednesday, at my friendly (although still nameless) group, I finally got started on the stack of shopping bags I have promised family members months and months ago. I made a lot of progress although I did not finish any.

5 Sugar
A week ago I had my first fix of sugar since August. Husband and I stayed at a spa hotel for the night (he worked, I had my first spa treatment ever), and we had dinner with the rest of the group – including dessert. I don’t usually even like dessert, and it may be because it’s been so long, but it’s the best dessert I have ever had. I wish I had taken a picture. I did take one of the view from our room though; one of the famous Norwegian fjords.
Can you believe they have built a new hotel where you have to actually go outside to get to your room? After you have been to the pool or treatments and are walking around in your bathrobe and terry cloth slippers in minus 8C and freezing (the white stuff is snow)?


  1. What a great set of photos and so many things to be glad about (as Pollyanna would say). Well done on your blood sugars. Your grandson is such a cutie, I'm missing mine already and I haven't even left UK yet!

  2. Wonderful pictures of Norway for those of us who will probably never get to see it in person! Your grandson is so cute. I get to see one of my granddaughters on the 12th and I'm so excited to get to spend a couple of days with her. I love the circle quilts...what a great idea and such a worthy cause. I'm a little concerned about being friends with a person who doesn't like dessert usually...hehehe

  3. Sounds like a wonderful week! Many accomplishments yet so much fun too! The circle quilts are really wonderful. Our guild does something similar but just with blocks. I am amazed at what adding a circle does... Have a great weekend. :-) Love the photos of Norway!

  4. Cute little one.

    Sounds like you are having alot of fun fun fun!!! Love your stack of blocks....and the blocks on the floor.

  5. What a week you've had! Those circle charity quilts are really beautiful. I like the idea of everyone contributing blocks - it is a lot more 'do-able' for people who may not be able to make an entire quilt themselves. I might suggest this to our guild. Maybe we'll be more participation. Nice work on your sugar reduction. It is so hard to eliminate sugar!!! It's everywhere!

  6. Great time, especially the little pirate!!

  7. Adorable grandson and looks like your group has been busy with the pretty blocks. It's always fun to work together to finish several quilts.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful week indeed! I love those blue icy pictures and the one from your little pirate!

  9. Wonderful photos and what an adorable grandson! Sounds like you're having a good time!