Friday, 16 April 2010

Friends, far and away

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: one of the best things about blogging is meeting new and wonderful friends from all over the world. Reading their blogs and communicating through comments and emails can brighten up any day, and some times you even get a tactile token of kindness in your mailbox, like I did this week.

My lovely friend Corrine from dosfishes sent me my very first mail art for my birthday. She is an amazing mixed media artist who creates stunning art every day. Yep, every day!

Look at this envelope (that would be the mail art)!
It was filled with artwork (which is now on my wall)
and vintage kimono silk and silk fabrics and ribbon
and linen cloth
and linen calendar
and any hoarder’s dream card.-)

Thank you so much, Corrine; I'm still grinning like a mad woman!!!

I haven’t done any quilting this week; in fact I haven’t even unpacked my sewing machine since my sewing group last Wednesday. Instead I have been enjoying the company of these two

Have a lovely Friday.-)


  1. Such beautiful gifts. i love gsending and recieiving mail to other bloggers. The packages are always so exciting. Have a great weekend :)

  2. Hi Nina Lise, I've had lots of family here for a week and haven't been able to check on blogs much. I love, love, love the blue houses. They are a little wonky and bright and cheerful. Your erosion bundle may have been a little disappointing but you always come through with such a positive attitude that I know you'll find something fun to do with them.

  3. I LOVE that card! Hilarious (and good advice, I might add!). oooo, your grandson is such a honey.

  4. What a lovely post Nina Lise! Your gift was amazing - really the best kind of post to receive! Have we missed your birthday then? Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you.... LOL, hope you had / have a lovely day. Looks as though you've been enjoying yourself - the little boy is such a cutie!

  5. What a wonderful gift, starting with the amazing envelope, love it! And I love the caption on the card: The trouble with resisting temptation is that it may never come again! That is me :)
    Happy birthday and enjoy the little ones, they certainly look like they are enjoying themselves!

  6. What a wonderful gift. It just looks incredible. You are very fortunate. ENJOY, Oh and looks like your are enjoying that adorable little man! He is sooooo cute.