Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Can you tell what this is?
Can you tell which era these fabrics are from?
Can you tell which one is the uglier?
Can you tell what I’ll be doing with them?
The answers are:
A stack of eyesores from the eighties, and my money is not on this one

or even this one
but this one.

These were not my colours in the eighties and time has not exactly improved my lack of love for them. I “inherited” them from a friend whose sister did a lot of crafting back in the eighties. Some of the fabrics are actually quite lovely and will be used for quilting, but these three…

As to the last question; I have been toying with an “Eyesores from the eighties” challenge, wondering how I can alter them so they at least can be used for backings. What do you think: rags or wonderful art in the making? Would you like a piece for a really challenging challenge? I’ll be mailing pieces off with a big smile on my face.-)
Added: These are all cheater cloth fabrics, sorry I forgot to write that.


  1. I think I still have a quilt-top waiting to be quilted that I made 2 years ago from washed and worn fabrics jelly roll. It has a very eighties feeling too, but will do for a picnic cloth...

    Good Luck with your project. I love that you try to make it into something new!

  2. I have such reverence for any quilt I don't care what the colors are, however I am sure if I did them all the time I would want something up to date. I did numerous crocheted afghans in the 70's and 80's and got tired of looking at them and gave them all away. I wish I had them back, my grands would love them no matter what. I would probably us the fabric for decoupage which I do with quilt pieces from the thrift store.

  3. Even though they're 80's...I like them. Maybe that's my age showing. ;)

  4. You know, the homespun plaids are not that bad! No need to send me any...I have enough projects to keep me busy for a million years!

  5. I still have loads of 80s fabric that I am using up in scrap quilts and for backings of smaller quilts. I never liked the quilt fabrics of the 80s and usually used plain broadcloth. My eye still automatically goes to solid fabric quilts (or those that 'read' as solid.)

  6. I had to think about this one... However It could be an interesting challenge. Count me in if you want to send a piece so far. :-)

  7. What about dying or painting on them and fabric collage using them as backgrounds, that would be my take on it!!! xox Corrine

  8. I think they have a certain charm and they look well-pieced - they will be antiques eventually and worth a lot of money!!

  9. I'm not up to the challenge, but will watch to see what becomes of them. Your friend's sister put alot of work into them, didn't she? I like the cats and the patchwork because it has a primitive look. I don't think they are rags.

  10. Well I think I might be up to the challenge. I looooove the cat fabric and would not mind trying to create something from it :)