Friday, 9 July 2010

Duracell Day

Back from our short and excellent visit to my parents I have been having a Duracell Day. If you’re familiar with the commercials with the pink bunnies, you know what I mean, if not, you can envision me running around like a crazy pink fuzzy bunny all day.

The good thing is that I finally got my exhibition entries in the mail after pondering for several days and loosing several nights of sleep because of the English customs and VAT regulations which for some reason includes exhibition entries now. At last these little guys and their companions (and perfectly straight edges I might add) are safely wrapped up, marked with the appropriate labels and on their way to Birmingham.

The bad and somewhat amusing thing is that I wasted an hour or so looking for husbands missing keys at his work while they have been safely tucked away in his suitcase somewhere on the other side of the world all along. Oh well, I’m grateful that his now immobile car is parked at his office and not behind my car in our driveway.

I’ll hopefully have some photos from our family gathering to share as soon as I unpack my luggage. Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Your exhibition piece is beautiful. Shame i just moved away from Birmingham or i would have popped in to see it :)

  2. Off to Birmingham on 19 August, will look out for your lovely piece of work :)

  3. This looks great! Glad you had a good visit.

  4. Visiting family is always so fun but unpacking afterwards not so much! Your exibition piece is wonderful. Wish I could take a quick vacation and see it myself. Welcome home.