Monday, 23 August 2010

World class knitting

There is now a new world knitting record. On Saturday the 21st of August 2010, at Amfi Madla, Stavanger, Norway, 984 happy knitters knitted in peace and harmony for 20 minutes. Peace and harmony is a bit exaggerated as this guy in a pink suit (the entertainer/leader/guide/timekeeper) was running around and talking in a microphone the whole time, but it sure was fun.

I arrived 2 hours early, and was handed the mandatory T shirt which I changed into in the restroom. Here I am, ready to go. Isn’t that a lovely T shirt? I’m going to wear it all the time, and yes, I'm tall, 5' 11".

Noticing the turned soda crate seating arrangement (benches; yeah right!!) on arrival, I bought 3 seating pads and found myself a comfy ottoman where I could wait. While making a new friend (a lovely lady from Scotland who had lived here for 60 years) and meeting up with a fellow guild member, we were helping out preparing starter kits.
Unfortunately we were kicked off the ottoman and banished to the crates. I don’t think I’m built for soda crates any longer and neither was my new friend who was in her 80ies, so the seating pads made a whole lot of difference and the crates almost bearable for the 3 of us.
Everybody was so excited to see if we would make it and people were signing up until the very last second. The poor shoppers who wanted nothing more than doing their weekend shopping were bombarded with "Sign up! Join in! Come on! Come ooon!" as they made their way along the rows of eager knitters. Even a group of army recruits joined in on the fun. The previous record was 937 people knitting for 15 minutes, so we made it by a large margin. Kudos to the people who set it up; well done!!

In addition to the fabulous and flattering T shirts (now stretched out of/into shape)
we got yarn and needles from Viking. Too bad it's a bit too girly for grandson. It sure was fun to participate though.-)


  1. Congratulations on being part of the World Record :) Those cushions were inspired! Not sure I could have sat on a crate for 20 minutes.

  2. Kjempemorsomt påfunn og bra dere klarte det. Utrolig at så mange ble med :-)

  3. What a fabulous event. Just to see all those folks there, soda crates or not...good thing for the pads...xox Corrine

  4. COngratulations Nina Lise,
    i tell you sitting on those crates would have been a bigger challenge in themselves :)
    Hugs, Sharon

  5. Congratulations. Even with the milk crate seating it sounds like it was fun. And you got to interact with a fellow Scot. How wonderful is that :)

  6. That is so great! Congratulations on being a part of something BIG and FUN. I love that.