Tuesday, 14 September 2010

In a day's work

I have been away for a few days visiting my parents. Among other things during a rather eventful weekend that included watching an embarrassingly “romantic” movie (and having a blast with it) with my sister, I have helped my mother with her new living room curtains. I’m not the queen of anything that hangs around windows having only 4 sets of curtains in my house, but I have acquired a few skills involving pins, needles and the seam ripper during my years as a quilter.
Quilting is easy compared to working with slippery fully lined curtains that weighs a ton. Each. Having hemmed, ripped, pinned, re-hemmed and hung 7 of them by the end of Saturday evening, I did not feel quite so guilty for missing my Zumba class on Thursday. Who knew curtains would require so much muscle action, but there you go. Anyway; working with my mother is always fun; she’s very happy with the result and I’m happy I could help her.

Today I’ll be quilting my class samples, happy to work on something more manageable size- and slippery-wise. It’s always sad to leave and good to be home.


  1. Didn't you know housework was exercise!!! Glad you had a nice visit despite curtain work. I am sure your Mom was glad you were there just for your company....xox Corrine

  2. It's always a great time when visiting family you love. I remember making curtains for my home. Boy! That was a lot of work. I just buy them now.

  3. Making curtains looks like a lot of work!