Saturday, 18 September 2010

Rules Of Embellishment; No 2

After spending lots of time arranging and rearranging your embellishments, take a picture BEFORE you move anything
so you won’t have to start all over again.


  1. Great idea! Every time I use one of these wonderful tools we have now for quilting...all the rulers, mats, cutters, and cameras with instant pictures, I think how my Mom would have loved making quilts now. And my Dad too since he wouldn't be spending hours helping her mark and cut.

  2. Oh, you have me smiling now, between this share and your last one, you are "keepin' it real" with humor! Thank you, Nina! come see my post about shoring the real side of quilting:

    Hugs, pokey

  3. Good idea! I hadn't thought of this.

  4. Great advice. What are you making there????xox Corrine