Monday, 27 September 2010

Task of the week, Week 40

This week I’ll be making some of the content of my crate of fuzzy, lumpy, smooth, and soft yarn into kits for a “Playing with yarn” quilting class.
I see lots of sneezing, vacuuming and joy of colour and texture in my future.


  1. Beautiful yarns. I'm eager to see what you create with it, and your class creates. I have oodles of ideas. I'm not as talented as you are, but I have had fun creating things with yard. Takes time to collect a good scrap collection of yards. So please don't toss even an inch of this beautiful yarn. I have ooodes of ideas to create with scraps of yarn...if you are think of tossing a single thread. Just beautiful. Ok., I'm now handing by a string to see your future posts.


  2. Those yarns look simply delicious! Thank you so much for the great package. I LOVE it! The chocolate is particularly fantastic. It had totally melted when it got here, but a quick stop in the refrigerator and it was as good as new! THANK YOU AGAIN!