Thursday, 11 November 2010

Make a Boob

I’m so happy to finally present my new community project, Make a Boob, to you!

As you may already have guessed, this is a project about breast cancer.

It started out as a simple wish to offer breast cancer patients a little art therapy and to create awareness and involvement and has kind of grown. I’m still keeping it simple though; simple concept, simple shapes.

I’ll be collecting circles that will be decorated at workshops during 2011, made into Make a Boob Art and exhibited.

You can read more about the project at the Make a Boob Blog.

I’ll be needing hundreds of boobs, so if you would like to participate you can make plain ones
or pieced ones for decoration .

and/or a finished oneor a fancy one for the Make a Boob Art pieces.

I would love to include boobs from all over the world so leave me a comment or send me an email, and I’ll send you my mail address.

Grab the logo, post about it, let everyone know. I've already got a Boob Collection going.
Make a Boob!


  1. This is incredible! I'm going to read all about it and see if I can't get a bunch of people to make boobs at our retreat this weekend!!

  2. What a great initiative Mrs. Moen! I have read the blog and will be back to see if I can contribute making some boobs.

  3. Great project to raise awareness about what most women can relate to. This will be exiting to be a part of!

  4. Great idea! I have been knitting beanies for chemo patients last summer, but this sounds more therapeutic to the patients and faster and easier for me.

  5. I'd love to make a boob or two for you. Send me your mailing addy please. Thanks!!

  6. Nine Lise, this is a great project. Count me in. With your permission, I'd like to use some of your photos & info to write an article about this on my blog and point everyone back to your posts on this, to help increase awareness. Great, great, great idea and a super project. I want to help.