Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Make A Button

These fabric covered buttons are so cute. They are great for embellishment and for adding words to your work like I did in Pink Princess. They are so simple that it’s hard just to make a few; I’ve kept adding to my stash all evening.

What you’ll needFabric scraps and

buttons (ugly buttons work very well)

Needle, tread and scissors. That’s all.

And what you’ll do
Cut a fabric circle(ish) about twice the size of your button. You might have to do this step a couple of times until you get good at eyeballing the size.
Sew a round of small running stitches a few mms inside the edge. Leave the thread tails on the right (front that is) side of the circle.
Slip in the button and draw the thread ends tightly together. The fabric circle should be big enough to cover most of the back of the button but not so big that the fabric is loose-fitting. Make a few knots while you’re keeping the thread tight. Cut the thread tails off and you’re done.

Quite a transformation, don’t you think?
Make one

Make a few
Make a lot
And lots
Have fun!


  1. Wow, thanks! I can picture a rainy Sunday afternoon, a jar filled with ugly buttons, a stash of pretty fabric charms and of course some tea and music. It will be fun making these buttons!

  2. So simple when you know how Nina Lise! I've bought little button covering gadgets in the past, but your method is much easier. Thanks for sharing your tutorial x