Monday, 15 November 2010

Make a Table runner

Looking through some old photos I found a few of some table runners I made for a raffle at our guild a few years ago. My friend, Inger Marie, had one in oranges and we all loved it so much that we decided to make some for prizes.

I got totally bitten by the bug and made looohoots of them in different colour ways. They are super simple and makes lovely little presents, so I thought I might share them you as a free pattern. You’ll find the link here.

Now, where’s the rest of my 3” squares; I could use some presents for the holidays…


  1. Thanks for the free pattern Mrs.Moen! Great idea to make some quick and easy presents!

  2. This is a lovely gift idea! And I am so lucky to have one of this living in my house...
    ; )

  3. Is looohoos a real word? Because if not, I will begin using it immediately. It's excellent (as are your table runners!)

  4. Thanks for this terrific pattern. Just perfect for a quick gift. Love the different colorways also......take care. Piece....