Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sew In #7

I spent most of Friday playing hooky with grandson wrapping up presents (child proof scissors and a loohoot of tape), dropping them off at the post office in the nick of time and shopping for a few more presents. It was very cold and both back doors of my car were frozen. Grandson happily climbed in between the front seats and found my attempts at getting his seat belt on (you know those 5 point ones where everything has to click at the same time or they won’t work) hilarious, squiggling like a worm from laughing while I was wrapped around the passenger seat with both arms and half a leg thinking we had to do it all over again on each stop on our way to the city. Oh yes, that was fun.

Anyway, after dropping him off it was time to spend a relaxing Friday Night Sew In on the couch tying ends, cutting threads and doing a little comfort knitting.

I finished 17 more Christmas cards which leaves only 10 to go
and knitted 2 more hats for my upcoming A Hat A Day Giveaway which leaves only one more hat to knit.

Not bad for the Procrastinator of all holiday procrastinators I’ll say.


  1. Those are majestic Christmas cards!

  2. Talk about productive!!! I was laughing at the thought of you wrestling with grandson with one leg over and both arms like grandma octupus!!!!
    Who ever said 5 point safety belts were a good thing! xox Corrine

  3. That day with your grandson presents quite a funny picture. You knitted 2 hats in one evening along with everything else? You must knit a mile a minute!

  4. You certainly do accomplish a lot!