Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy Play Day

Easing my way into the creative fast track again I spent a couple of wonderfully creative days with grandson this weekend. He is way into the Plus Plus puzzle blocks and my fingers are sore from reassembling 1.800 little plastic pieces so we could build something new all over and over again. I have to admit I enjoy it just as much as he does. The puzzle blocks are very graphic and with lovely clean colours; the perfect toy for a quilter on the mend.

I have signed up for The Butterfly Effect project and while the jury is still out on how I’ll make my butterfly, I asked grandson if he would like to make one. He agreed wholeheartedly even though I’m not quite sure he knew what exactly he agreed to. I bribed him big time; he got to use his beloved paper scissors as much as he liked.
The butterfly is made from recycled cardboard, coloured and collaged with self made coloured paper. I love it and it inspired me on finally choosing a medium for my own butterfly.

And on this happy note, the ice in our driveway has finally disappeared without any broken bones or mailmen.
Thank you every-day-rain!


  1. That ice is treacherous!!! I can't believe you all made it through those months in one piece, but certainly relieved that you did.

    Grandson's butterfly is fantastic - how lovely that you have so much energy for creating with him. I'm going to think of you when I have grandchildren and remember to stay inspired and creative with them!

  2. Those blocks are the best, like hyper legos. I spent countless hours playing legos with my son. I think I loved it more than he did. Ice is not your friend. Many is the time I have gingerly, thankfully, slid onto my backside on our hilly driveway, be glad it is gone. Your quilted card arrived Saturday, I love it thanks so much. I wrote about it today. xox Corrine

  3. Great project for the two of you to work on! Could the blocks be inspiration for a quilt!

  4. Don't you just love playing with grandkids! Such fun times. I love his butterfly. Very creative.

  5. I wanted to tell you directly how lovely the quilted piece you sent corrine is! It seems we both appeared in the same write up today. thanks for sharing mailbox space with me! have fun with that grand baby!

  6. 'The butterfly effect' project made me cry. I think that I will join, thank you for pointing it out.