Sunday, 16 January 2011

Two days

and 5 hats...

I have been enjoying a few days with plenty of solitude as husband has been away, watching girlie movies in the evenings while my fingers have been busy working the needles. Although I have been knitting forever, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed the process as much as I have done this winter. Maybe it’s because I look at yarn differently from working with the yarn quilts. Maybe I needed something useful to do during all my down time the last couple of months. Maybe it’s just how I’m wired together right now. All I know is that I have been totally obsessed, finishing one hat and casting on another the very next minute. After a number of 37 finished hats I have now gone cold turkey; no more knitting until the obsession has passed. I still want to knit a few more hats though, teeny tiny premature hats. I’ve got the yarn so whenever I think I can handle it without going crazy. Right now I’ll be moving on to my quilting obsession...


  1. I am laughing picturing you surrounded by balls of yarn everywhere watching girlie movies...sound like so much fun, no one to answer to just doing exactly what you want. xox Corrine

  2. I'm sure many of us should be locked up for this obsession. However, at least our obsessions are benefiting others and providing us with hours and hours of fun times.

  3. Way to get that out of your system and bust your yarn stash!!!