Monday, 28 February 2011

Where children sleep

I’ve spent some time in the waiting room of an ear/nose/throat specialist this month, and he’s got some in-your-face pictures on the wall. The pictures are of children and where they sleep; also telling a bit about the child and where he/she lives, and a little about the project. The English photograph James Mollison travelled around the world for 5 years, taking pictures of children and their bedrooms as a project for children’s rights. The pictures are amazing by themselves, but it’s the contrast between them that really hits you.

I have been searching for a website with all the images, but with no such luck. The closest I got was this Google search. If you haven’t seen them I suggest that you take a look. There is a book called “Where children sleep” but of course it’s sold out. Everywhere. Oh well, back ordering works too.

1 comment:

  1. No fun that ear, nose, throat thing. I will have to check out this book as well. Every childhood picture of my son napping on the sofa has a thumb in the mouth and a dog alongside. xox Corrine