Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge, May

The theme for May was “Can’t resist this!” and today I spent some happy hours in my studio armed with the usual junk mail, glue stick and markers. It did not turn out like the image which I had in my mind, but that’s part of the fun isn’t it.

I can’t resist colours and shapes and pillows and light and textures and patterns and space and movement and imagination and a few pieces of chocolate (although mine are low on sugar).
This morning my heart was full of spring and new beginnings and it shows in the colours. That’s another thing I can’t resist: letting little pieces of my soul seep into my work.-)

What I really have a hard time resisting is this little one.We were celebrating grandson’s 4th birthday last Tuesday with his friends from kindergarten at a gigantic indoor playground. 5 happy boys, full speed ahead with us grownups getting the workout of our lives trying to keep track of them. Then this man, a totally stranger, yanked grandson out of a tunnel while my daughter was standing right there, and dislocating grandson’s elbow doing so. So, while the rest of the boys continued having fun, the birthday boy spent the rest of his party at the ER getting his elbow reset.

I was so mad! Who would jerk any 4 year old by the arm, let alone someone they don’t even know! I tracked the man down, ready to give him a piece of my mind, but he was holding his little daughter on his arm. All I could do was politely tell him that he had injured our birthday boy who now was at the hospital in a lot of pain. No “I’m so sorry”, no “how is he doing”; I had to walk away, fuming with anger. Oh, how I wish I wasn’t so well mannered all the time.

The arm is doing just fine by the way and grandson seems totally un-traumatized by the incident; he’s such a brave little soul. I, however, am still furious with a stranger.


  1. What a brave young man! It's a good thing most of us act civil most of the time. I'm afraid I might have been tempted to punch him in the nose.

    I did notice your "dance like nobody's watching" in your creation.

  2. Why is this man not in jail for assault on your sweet one!!!!! That is what would happen here...glad he is okay though.

    You sketch/doodle/collage is fantastic. It never turns out exactly like it is in your head, I have noticed that too, no matter how hard you try.

    xox Corrine

  3. I LOVE your journal page - collaging is great fun and I haven't done it in ages. Maybe I will have a go!

    I'm so sorry to hear about grandson's party injury. That is really shocking and unbelievable! I'm like you, though, words seem to fail me at the critical moment, then I carry the scene around with me for days, feeling disappointed in my inaction. I feel a mini quilt coming on, though. Glad to hear that grandson is over it and I hope you will be soon, too.

  4. In my world this man would be charged with assault and would have to at the least complete anger management counselling. Did you consider speaking to the police?

  5. Your journal page is beautiful!

    Sorry to hear about your grandson being injured during his birthday party. Poor little guy, but he sounds so brave. Must be his genes!

  6. your a much better grandma than I ever could be. I would have had his dumb arse arrest for assault! fishlip kisses to the grandson and glad he is ok. (mauh) Liz