Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge, June

The theme for this month has been “Pathways” and it has been a struggle to finish it.
I started out by collaging bits and pieces of maps and flowers and stones and stuff to create pathways with little bridges connecting the different paths. Fun, fun, fun. Some of the colours were a bit bright to my liking (I know, it’s shocking!!) so I pasted a layer of sheer paper on top, tearing the edges before it dried.

Still fun.

I absolutely loved the textures and soft colours but something was missing
and it was certainly not this pathway but there it is, blurry ink lines and all. It’s done.


  1. it so reminds me of all the stone walls in your world, but none that I know have little people living inside them, quite the fantastic interpretation my friend. xox Corrine

  2. You don´t sound satisfied with the pathway or am I wrong ?(hopefully I am :o))
    I really like this little guy living inside the pathway!