Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day Two: Animals

Day two of our little trip was mainly about animals; that is after we spent two hours for grandson to take a 10 min trip on one of the boats from the show. I’ll tell you the only thing worse than rain on such a day is being trapped standing (or sitting in a rented stroller) in a line without covers during a major shower. It was pouring down but we had already been waiting for almost an hour and there was no weather that could get us to leave our spot. Anyway, the sun came out again, grandson got his boat trip and the back of my shirt dried up a couple of hours later, so we were all happy.

I haven’t been to a zoo for years but I found myself more fascinated by the lines and shapes than the animals, except for the giraffes with which I fell totally in love.
Lines in the monkey area
a fabulous man-made (?) tree
fun bird shapes
and gorgeous stone.
Tired feet at the end of the day, Chinese dinner, early to bed chatting and laughing and generally having a wonderful time; all good.


  1. I am sure these lines will show up in your sketchbook and elsewhere. Love the guinea hens, but they make soooo much noise. Fear of heights from your pirates-oh yes,hate those high stadium seats. Enjoy. xox Corrine

  2. I too love the guineas!
    We call them gleanies!