Saturday, 2 July 2011

Task of the day, July 2

It’s been a while since I last did these
but it will be like riding a bike – I hope. I have mended quite a few knees (both on pants and kids) over the years and I was planning to make something fun, but then I was reminded of how narrow 4 year old pant legs are. I’ll have to save those ideas until grandson gets older; I’m sure he’ll need knee patches for many years to come.

I wish I was as confident regarding putting this
back on this
Yup, the seam started unravelling and the zipper-thingie fell off my favourite bag which was bought in Spain last summer. Anyone who knows me knows I have a fear of zippers, but I’d say this bag is worth saving.
Don’t you?


  1. I just purchased 2 bright colored zippers hoping to try my hand at making a couple of small bags. They scare me too but my friends say zippers are easy. haha

  2. I love the bunny people on your bag. Yes, a supreme effort to save that bag... And if you can't get it, see if a friend can do it. Some people have more experience at that kind of thing. Good Luck, Nina.

  3. Ah, if you can quilt, and you know how to mend, a zipper can't foil you! Just deconstruct the bag to the point you can get the zipper pull back on, then put it back together in reverse order. Save that cute bag!

  4. That bag is so worth saving, but like most quilters I know, I can't stand mending, either!

  5. Er på runde 2,jeg også;reparerer både det ene og det andre for mine to bb:-)
    Morsom sjørøver bag!