Sunday, 7 August 2011

Breaks on

It’s not the first time it has happened to me and will probably not be the last time either, but all the should-have’s in my life are becoming a bit overwhelming. The feeling will pass soon enough as I slowly get back into the rhythm of everyday life, but still, I need to remind myself why I’m doing this quilting thing. It’s to relax, have fun and enjoying the process. Sure, I do enjoy the products as well, but I don’t want my quilting life to be all about them.

Browsing the web last night I read a post about Slow Poke Quilters at Momma Made This and added my name to the list. Many, many, many of my quilts are made a little by little; one step at the time, a few blocks here, some strips there (you’ve seen my posts...), and I like it like that.

So, with Slow Poke Quilting in mind I’m heading down to my sewing room ready to start assembling my nephew’s quilt, thinking about the lovely young man he is and all the wonderful time I have been so lucky to spend with him. He’s a star and very well deserving of one of his aunt’s quilts.


  1. I'm a slow poke, too. I start something and as soon as I hit a snag I find something, anything to do instead. It's how I handle stress. (I learned not to eat during that stressful time. That used to be my interval. I figured that out while doing the taxes one year. Whenever I hit something on the form that I was unfamiliar with I would go get a snack. Sometimes you don't realize what you are doing to yourself.) Now I get really drastic when I'm stressed and I actually will go and clean something.... I know! It is distasteful, but it does give your brain time to figure out the problem. (My hubby is happy for the cleaning time. What does he know?) Don't feel alone in this, we all work at our own speed. It is the journey that is important not the destination.

  2. Thanks for the link Nina Lise.
    I’m a slow poke quilter too, though some wouldn’t qualify me like that. I enjoy the process of quilting more and more and that’s why I love all handpiecing and applique. Finishing a quilt is a bonus and sometimes I don’t even feel the need to.