Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Something new

I’ve wanted to start a new project for a while. Low key, easy, no obligations, playing it by ear.

Some of my ingredients al natural
and some of them drying after a couple of layers of paint. Soft pink, light blue and bright yellow. Just a couple of steps left before I can do a proper presentation.

I am leaving for Birmingham this morning and will be back on Monday, sore footed and tired and all. Yeeey.


  1. Enjoy Birmingham Nina Lise! Have a safe trip!

  2. Have the most wonderful time!!!! I love the colours you've used on lovely stones.

  3. Njut och ha det gott i Birmingham!!!

  4. Oh Nine Lisa, I've been so busy at work and my computer is giving me fits that I haven't had a chance to check out blogs lately! I have missed it so much.

    Love your rocks. My kids used to love to paint rocks into animals or flowers etc. They could spend hours and days during the summer making beautiful creations.

    Love the cute little pigs by your bobbins.

    Your knitting is always lovely and I'm sure relaxing while you were listening and watching the dreadful news.

    I absolutely love the turquoise hands. What a clever idea for a baby quilt and using the strips behind to applique on is such a good idea. I have really been trying to think of ways to use up my little pieces of stash and that is such a good idea.

    Hope you have a great trip to Birmingham!

  5. Yummy rocks, soft colors, see you when you return. xox Corrine