Monday, 12 September 2011


This weekend was one of the brilliant ones; 4 generations of Moens together at Lillehammer, celebrating the oldest boy in our family stepping into adulthood. And what a handsome man he has grown into.

We are all so proud of him; no one more so than his mother, my younger sister.

For the first time ever my parents got to have their 3 daughters, 2 sons in law, 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild in one place. A complete Moen clan and a lot of noise; we are not a timid breed, just ask the sons in law.

We also got to spend time with my brother in law’s family and my sister’s best friend and her family; all lovely people.

I chokingly delivered my little godmother speech with accompanying gifts for his way into the future; a (chocolate) gold medal so he will remember who he is (No 1), a map over Norway so he’ll remember where he comes from (and where Stavanger is), and a flash light so he can find his way through darkness. Did I say I was choking?

The youngest member of the clan was incredible patient all through the service and dinner and was having the time of his life running in the hallways with all his cousins, wearing them out one by one.
Unfortunately I was, as always, crap at taking pictures, but I have borrowed these (with permission) from my sister’s Facebook page. Thank goodness for family members who took pictures at the church and the party and more family pictures, so I’ll get copies. I’ll have to ask the proud mother to take a picture of the young man with his new quilt, because, surprise, surprise, I forgot.

Today I have been resting my pleasantry muscles (it’s hard work being so pleasant all the time!) and gotten back to work. I’ll be swamped for the next few of weeks, so there will probably not be much sewing. Unless I just have to...

See you around!


  1. Oh, and it looks like you had a brilliant day for the celebration, too. How fabulous to have your family together. I love knowing that you are a noisy, boisterous bunch, but I also understand about the 'pleasantry' muscles, hehe.

  2. Great photos of the clan. Wonderful speech you gave for your nephew. Does look a handsome lad. I bet you girls were a handful growing up too! xox Corrine

  3. What a wonderful post and a wonderful day. Blessings to you and your godchild!

  4. Congratulations , great pictures and it looks like you had a very nice day together.

  5. It sounds as if you all had a great time spend together with the family.
    Thank you for the pictures and for let us participate.

  6. Looks like a extremely happy, fun, boisterous, loving kind of day! What a great family picture too of your parents and sisters and you. Your Godmother speach sounds like you covered all the important stuff of his life. Many more happy family memories for you.

  7. What a wonderful day. I am sure many cherished memories were made!

  8. Oooh what beautiful people and photographs! At first glance I thought your nephew was our Prince William!! Congratulations on your godmother speech - a choking delivery makes it all the more special I think! What happy memories you've all made - and that little fellow has it all to come too xx