Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Zip it

If you ever wondered how a rainbow bouquet of zippers looks like, here’s one for you.
100 zippers in every glorious colour from Zipit on Etsy.
You can pick and choose whatever colour you’d like, and so I did. 3 of each colour, and filling up with bright pinks. Grandson was fascinated by all this engineering beauty and tried quite a few of them, just to see how they worked.

What I’ll do with all these zippers? I who don’t do zippers? Well, I really, really want to make lovely little pouches like so many of you do, and now that Christmas is less than 100 days away (according to my friend Tone), I’d better get started. I’m more likely to make zippered pouches when I actually have zippers. Am I not?


  1. I am sure we will see some overdrive production with thst bouquet. xox

  2. Exactly! There are other things you can make, too. I've seen lots of "rose" shaped pins (jewelry) made with zippers. Most of those have been black, but with all the pretty colors you have now, you could make some gorgeous ones.
    Could you make a zippered boob? Why not?

  3. Hehe...... ja må nok skynde deg for å få brukt disse - om du har noen tanke for det før jul. En flott bukett i alle fall :-)
    Ønsker deg en kreativ og fin kveld.

  4. Who knew zippers could make such a gorgeous bouquet? I can just imagine what glorious creations you'll make.