Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pile of leaves

Summer is finally here, a bit late but still, we’re enjoying a few warm days before the weather turns back to normal again tomorrow.

Last weekend was spent at the cabin with grandson. I hadn’t been up there since Easter and enjoyed the peace and quiet and the fall colours. I was surprised to see how many trees that had dropped their leaves while still green(ish), but there were enough oranges for me to enjoy.

One of the quilts at our cabin is this oldie “Pile of leaves”;
you know those slash and switch and sew and slash 9-patces from Fons & Porter Love of quilting.
I’m still quite fond of it in all its lovely colours and simplicity.

We made a few boats
and launched them down the river just to rescue them a little further down the stream; well most of them got rescued,

tried our hands at fishing

and played with these; fun for young and old.

It was rather windy, but we enjoyed(??) our barbequed hot dog dinner al fresco anyway watching a new generation of leaves adorning the glass once intended for a much needed wind screen.

I was wearing my new rubber boots which were anything than well suited for wet and slippery grounds, but still, they kept my feet dry.
I do love fall.

I have some problems replying to my comments on a day-to-day basis; my mail reading device still refusing to send mail and my brain still refusing to figure why on earth not. With this being an issue since April, you would think I would have brought it back to the store by now for them to fix it, but nope, not yet. So, sorry about being late replying to comments (whenever I get a chance logging onto my computer); I am reading and appreciating them every day!


  1. Lovely, lovely photos of a lovely day! Karmen

  2. Love those boots! Grandson must love the cabin. I love his jacket and one one for me with all those blues. Soon he can teach ypunger brother to sail boats down stream. xox Corrine