Friday, 14 October 2011

Sunday at the aquarium

Spending weekends with our young fellah, crafty things will only take us that far and we’ll have to get out of the house whatever the weather is like. Last weekend was one of the wet and windy ones, so husband suggested we could visit Lundsvågen Naturskole, which among other things, have a small aquarium.

Needless to say grandma enjoyed the rather short visit very much indeed,

and after lunch in the cafeteria, so did grandson.


  1. Häftig blå färg på Hummern!!! Söt liten gutt.

  2. Beautiful pictures! The blue colour of the lobster is amazing! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love aquariums. So many interesting and colorful things to see. Looks like grandson couldn't keep his eyes off of them even to eat.

  4. I love a day at the aquarium! Luckily we have an amazing one here in Vancouver. The Beluga whales are my favourite...and the seahorses, too.

  5. We spent so much time at the aquarium when Jay was small. He love the plunge pools where you stick your hand in and touch all the wonderful creatures! xox Corrine

  6. All the colors and textures... a quilter's inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing!