Sunday, 13 November 2011

All is bright

Despite the fact that I haven’t switched on my sewing machine for weeks, my days are still filled with bright colours.

I’ve continued on my mission of knitting warm and soft stuff for a little one,

socks for the big brother-to-be,
each one marked with a string of orange yarn,

and started on a requested tummy warmer for my daughter.
The yarn is Smart from Sandnes Ullvare and according to the receipt in the bag, the skeins have been in my stash since 1996. I have made a promise to myself not to buy yarn this winter; with a 15+ years of yarn in my stash that shouldn’t really be a problem, should it.

I did my last Make a Boob workshop of the year at Fellsgruppen for kreftrammede, a cancer patient organisation, on Tuesday, but forgot to ask permission to take pictures of the participants at work. It was so nice to sit down and do a little hand stitching that I continued when I came home. I’m still stitching faces, using some of the chaotic bead mixes in my boxes.

My guild meeting is coming up on Wednesday and it’s time to make another batch of triangles for the swap. I was very happy with the results from the 1. round of swapping.

And last but not least, a little colour studies with my grandson who is totally into mixing colours these days. We were making doors, or rather he was making doors and I played along. The Poster Art pens from Faber Castell are my favourites.
Lesson learned from this study: I should include a little white into more of my work. We bought more paint and crayons yesterday and hope to get started on some Christmas decorations for his mom as soon as he is tired of playing outside with grandpa who is having the day off. They bought a chain saw (toy) with lots of doodahs yesterday, so it might take a while.

Have a wonderful week filled with colours!


  1. So glad everything is going calmer now! Hope your daughter is feeling better!
    And congratulations on your new grandchild (girl? boy?)!!
    The boobs are just fun!

  2. your knitting is quite wonderful as I have hats that I won from you. I amsure everyone in the family will enjoy your knitted goods. Yarn from 1996 fro Sandnes where I have been as you know, 1996 - that's a long time ago Nina Lise. I remember your post about ysrn and room filled with yarn. Fun sketching with grandson and a toy chainsaw, which he will no doubt need to use one day as a grown up. I hope it was a stihl! xox Corrine

  3. What a wonderful creative post! All of your hand knitting looks great - I love the colours in your first photograph. Isn't it a great feeling to use stash items eventually - lol! I think we're all the same, having items from long ago. Best wishes, Sherry x

  4. Your grandson is going to be artistic just like his grandma! What fun to share that love with him. Glad your daughter is doing much better too.

  5. Looking at your cheerful colors is making me think about pulling out some of my bright fabrics and stitching them.