Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Hardware Triangle

Instead of spending the post-Christmas days in my studio as planned, I have spent way too many hours swapping between hardware. Old computer, current computer, tablet, drawing pad, old camera, newish camera, old phone, new phone, external hard drive, game console, and whatnots; and they all come with cords. Miles and miles of cords. New phones are fun, but oh man, it’s easy to get sucked into all the doodahs! I think I have phone and tablet under control now and have finally solved the email-answering-problems I have had since April. About time I’d say. Thank you iCloud!

I woke up early this morning thinking about some new class samples, and had an epiphany on how I could retrieve some un-transferable files from my old computer. And it worked. Then I remembered there were some problems transferring the pictures in the first place, so I started an incredible time consuming recovery process when the old computer was dug out anyway. What’s left now is to go through all the files and see what I want to keep. That should keep me busy for a while.

Not all hardware work is boring though; grandson and I built the LEGO fire station that he got for Christmas the other day, and I love building LEGO. Love it! Husband usually has dibs on putting them together with him being the residential engineer and all, but he stepped out for a while. You snooze, you lose.

The two of them did get to try out one of husband’s new hardware though. Big time fun at 1km/hour.

Other than that we have been setting the table, eating, clearing the table (pinnekj√łtt at Christmas Eve),

setting the table, eating, clearing the table (brunches),

unwrapping a sea of paper,

and yesterday daughter, grandson and I hit the sales. Not too crowded and lots of clothes at 50% off, so well worth a few hours. One of us found a way to entertain himself while we were waiting in line. Honestly I wouldn’t have minded keeping him company at that point.

Enjoy the rest of 2011; we will have family staying for New Year’s, so I’d better get my act together and touch something without a cord.


  1. Next time I want to come build legos, I love legos.....I'll bring Jay, he can help too!!! Even at 25 and 55 you are never too old for legos. xox and Happy New Year Corrine

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family and friends and food and goodies.

    I haven't been at my computer for quite some time and I've missed checking in on everyone. Nice that you had some snow around Christmas at least. We haven't had any yet, just cold.

    I love your yarn tree. What I fun idea I hope to remember for next Christmas. My tree was decorated this year with mostly ornaments that my kids or myself or my Mom have made over the years. I love that part of decorating....memories of loved ones and past Christmases. Your cookies looked so good. We made lots of goodies too but often end up throwing some of them out because we have so many.

    Hope you have a great New Year!