Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Right here, right now

I am totally happy.

The chocolate topping on our oatmeal cookies is cooling off,

the chocolate chip cookies (which I have made every year since 1989)

and chocolate cookies (see a pattern here?) are safely tucked away into their tins; half of them at my house, the rest of them at the young ones’.

I have unwrapped the tree that wouldn’t dry, and guess what – it finally did.

Made from scraps of yarn and glue, it’s see-through and very colourful although the evening light, or rather lack thereof, does not do it justice at all.

And most importantly – it’s snowing.

Right here, right now – life is good.


  1. Lots of chocolate and SNOW. How perfect for you! Love the yarn tree, too, although I'm already such a hoarder now that gives me a reason to hang onto the left-over bits.

  2. Love your yarn tree! Can you put some no heat lights wadded up inside? (At first I thought of a candle... not such a good idea.)
    Cookies look yummy!!!! So does the snow!

  3. I am not quite at this stage yet, but just reading this made me feel calmer. Merry Christmas.

  4. Oatmeal and chocolate oh my goodness, yummy! Tree is fin, would love to see a mini LED illuminate it from within! xox Corrine

  5. Oh how wonderful, wonderful, wonderful that it is snowing. We're destined for a white Christmas. I'm trying not to be sad.

  6. What was I thinking (snow! obviously!) I meant we will have a green Christmas. So much so that our law actually needs a mow.

  7. Mange lekre kaker her. Knall fint tre du har laget - helt herlig :-)
    ├śnsker deg en fredfull og fin jul.