Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sew In # 11

I had to cheat a little for last night’s Friday Night Sew In as I was invited out for dinner in the evening, but instead I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon adding the last touches to a few projects:

- adding a little hand stitching, and a rubber band and a button to my iPad cover,

- finishing the blanket stitching on the wool project,

- adding a few embellishments

- and weaving in the thread in my new woollen ensemble; leg warmers, wrist warmers and a neck warmer in grey Smart yarn.

I am particularly happy with the neck warmer, but it looks like I won’t be testing it our any time soon. We had a storm the other day, and the rain has washed away all the lovely snow.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be spending it wrapping up my work assignment and our Christmas presents; I’ll be travelling eastwards on Monday for a meeting and use the opportunity to visit my family at Lillehammer at the same time, bringing all their presents along.


  1. Enjoy your trip and the family. Lovely workings in smart wool. We will need a photo shoot of everyone wearing all. xox Corrine

  2. Love to see updates on your works in progress! Yesterday I was reading about the color trends for 2012, and officially, at least according to the Pantone institute, tangerine tango is on! I could not help thinking of you and your love of orange. May 2012 be a vibrant year!

  3. I hope you take some pictures of your town. I think that is where my FILs family came from just a generation before him. (He spoke only Norwegian until he started school.) Sadly that's all we can know without a more in depth search. He has gone to heaven.

  4. Have a lovely visit in Lillehammer! Watch your mailbox late next week.

  5. Looks like you have been very busy with lots of fun projects. What fun things to do with your grandson. Love the garland idea. Sounds like he is going to be creative like you. Really wish I was better at knitting and crocheting and could read the pattern well enough to make a sweater.