Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Diving in

I have dug out this box from under piles of vintage table cloths and fabric assigned to quilt backings. Oh man, fabric should come with a warning; it is heeeaaavy! The (totally unappealing) box was a birthday present from husband (very generous/in dire need of an idea for a birthday present) back in 2005 and contained one half yard of every Kona cotton fabric at the time (totally awesome). This was before the new and improved web site of Hancocks of Paducah and took me ages to order, one colour at a time. Yes, it’s true; I had to order them myself. Poor me, right.-) Anyway; it is the perfect go-to-stash for almost anything, but it has been resting for a while.

Now it’s time to start using some of the gorgeous new fabrics that have yet to find a home in boxes or drawers (saves time rearranging my stash to make room for them), and pair them up with a few of these delicious solids.

They are all washed; I wish they were all ironed as well...


  1. Ohhhh...en sådan härlig "karamell"!!

  2. Both you and your husband have excellent taste in gifts!!! ;)
    Your husband and mine share similarties! :D
    For my presents either I have to do a list very well explained or I buy it and say to him 'here, this is my gift - hide it and wrapped it!' :D

  3. Ooohhh....what a gorgeous box of color! Great gift idea too. So many thoughts fighting for space in your head. Can't wait to see all the wonderful projects that come out of it all.

  4. Great idea! I'm trying to get my fabrics in order, too. I have a feeling the year will get away from me before I can manage it, though.

  5. oooh! that looks like fun! I'll be right overo to help you with cutting those up! wahoo!

  6. Scrumptious colours!! What a fun box!